The Best Things In The History of @OhVarsity, ranked


10. Helping (kinda) make the French flag thing happen

Was it a 10/10 success? Probably not. But I woke up to somebody floating the idea and tweeted the color-coded map at 11am before an evening game. All things considered, it was impressive what Bearcats Twitter was able to pull off on short notice. Good job, everyone.


9. Getting blocked by JP Macura

JP Macura blocked me after he got arrested for disrobing in a bar. I never tagged him, which means he searched his name. I only used his name once, which means I can confirm he saw this exact tweet and blocked me for it. WE DID IT!


8. The Roast of Eli Apple

Chris Moore embarrassed Eli Apple in 2014, so Bearcats Twitter has been roasting him ever since. It’s petty, hilarious, and wonderful. It all culminated on Draft Night.


7. #UCHeartbreakList

2015–16 Bearcats athletics nearly killed me. To cope, I held a memorial service on Twitter to put our demons to rest. I won’t link every tweet, but you can read them here.


6. Becoming an Oredigger fan

One time I roasted Memphis and ended up becoming a Colorado School of Mines Oredigger fan. They’re now my personal D2 football rooting interest.


5. The Roast of Xavier

We definitely didn’t beat Xavier on the court this year, but you cannot convince me that we didn’t win Twitter.


4. This tweet

I mean, this is art.


3. Jess / The Bowling Green Broadcast Team

Jess became queen of Cincinnati, and some kids who were just learning were accidentally placed in the cross-hairs of a way larger audience than they expected. I felt bad, but it was hilarious.


2. #QuadFace

God bless Quadri Moore and his look of pure bliss that spawned the greatest meme I’ve ever created.


1. #StickWithMick

I single-handedly kept Mick Cronin in Cincinnati. People forget that.