Watching Kelce: A Recap of “Catching Kelce” Episode 2


Last week brought us the premiere of Catching Kelce, a new reality dating show starring former Bearcats standout (and current Kansas City Chiefs tight end) Travis Kelce. Episode 1 was full of the types of shenanigans reality TV lovers have come to expect from these shows, and I wrote that I (shamefully) enjoyed it. I’m interested to see where Episode 2 takes us, when they’re not packing 90 minutes of television with drama and plot twists.

As always, I’m just going to hit the bullet points on this one and throw my weekly rankings at the end. Let’s go:

  • This barbecue pool party is making me miss summer already. Not cool, Catching Kelce. Not cool. The Kelce brothers getting some hardcore cornhole on is a taste of Cincinnati on the west coast.
  • V Rich is my new least favorite contestant after Connecticut’s elimination last week. She is unbearable and got on my nerves throughout this episode.
  • #JasonKelceBellyFlops — I think I said this after Episode 1, but I really hope he’s a regular for the whole season, because he adds a lot.
  • Travis got cheated on his junior and senior years at UC. Reveal yourself, vile woman.
  • West Virginia mentioned she hasn’t gotten much time with Travis and hopes he noticed her. I don’t think I’ve noticed her. Was she on here last week? UPDATE: She survives. Barely.
  • The “invite one girl on a date and she gets to pick five others” is an exciting concept because it adds some strategy. I almost feel like you should pick the five girls who are either shy or annoying and can make yourself look better, right? But then it also probably makes good sense to get some contestants on your side who can return the favor in the future. Oh, dating show drama.
  • I like inviting Maya on the date because she’s a strong candidate who we don’t know much about. No sense inviting a girl like Victoria who has already stepped out in front of the pack. UPDATE: Maya has shown herself to be annoying. I guess it’s good she was picked for the date, because I wouldn’t have known, otherwise.
  • For the date, Maya picked her best friend along with four girls to sabotage. She accidentally picked maybe the three most athletic girls on the show… and they’re shooting a fitness video. Oops.
  • Travis going Richard Simmons is too good.
  • hahaha “group fitness”
  • Lola is a total weirdo in this episode. I’m happy Travis loves the elliptical, but he should’ve told her. She has a weird hang-up about it and I’d like to see her double down on making it a dealbreaker, like she claims it is. UPDATE: Haha he sent her home.
  • I love how Maya is upset now that her sabotage plan has backfired. First these girls were no threat, now they’re kissing Travis on the date and you’re angry? Pick a side, lady. Don’t be mad. You’re the one who invited her.
  • Jenny seems cool. Most girls would not have gone out of their way to help another contestant, but Jenny delivered Anika’s letter to Travis. That being said, it totally came at her own cost. You can’t waste one-on-one time with Travis by talking about another girl. UPDATE: Nooooo he sent her home. Poor Jenny.
  • I still like Anika. I can’t take her seriously as a contestant, but as a member of the show, she’s fantastic. She’s getting under the skin of all of my least favorite girls, and it’s beautiful to watch. Why on earth does she have an air horn??
  • Veronica was the perfect VIP date choice. I think the winner of this show is going to be the one that can be confident and also avoid confrontation with other girls. Veronica, Lauren, and Avery fit that mold. I think Victoria is my leader, but she’s making way too much noise and it’s only a matter of time before it bites her.
  • Jessica is the most attractive girl he’s sent home so far. RIP to Jessica’s Catching Kelce career. Not sure why she was cut instead of the other two she was left with at the end. She’s made more of an effort, is more attractive, and is far less obnoxoius. Oh well. Dating shows are unpredictable, folks.

Official OhVarsity! Catching Kelce Top 5 (Week 1)

  1. Rhode Island (Victoria) [8 total points]
  2. New Jersey (Veronica) [9 total points]
  3. Missouri (Lauren) [3 total points]
  4. Colorado (Avery) [6 total points]
  5. Minnesota (Anika) [2 total points]