Welcome to OhVarsity! Hoops Hoopla 2017


Hard to believe basketball season is finally here. Almost as hard to believe I finally get to unveil all of this stuff. I’ve been working on this pretty steadily for the better part of the last month.

The OhVarsity mission statement has always been to fill in the gaps in the Bearcats basketball world. I watch a ton of basketball, but I don’t pretend to be the foremost expert on it. If you want season predictions or a theory on how Justin Jenifer’s speed will space the floor and open driving lanes for Keith Williams in the second unit, you’re probably better off going somewhere else.

I try to stick to my strengths, so here it is. I wrote about everything from an old building to a Cronin-era glue guy. I ranked the Top 25 players of the Fifth Third Arena era and I decided which away games will be the best to watch from your couch. I broke down the AP Poll and I criticized John Feinstein.

This was a lot of work. I hope you like it.

Read it here: OhVarsity! Hoops Hoopla 2017