OhVarsity! Mail Truck: Volume 4


OhVarsity! Mail Truck seeks to answer all of life’s questions. Since I’m the only smart person around here, I feel that it’s my responsibility to shoulder that burden. To join in on the fun, send questions on Twitter, to OhVarsity@gmail.com, or via our Curious Cat page.

Who does the most work on the site?

If you mean specifically the site, then it's me. I designed it and I write just about every blog post.

If you mean OhVarsity! as a whole, it's a different story. 99% of social media stuff is me. The podcast doesn't happen without Matt (because I refuse to record alone) and neither does any photography at games (since I don't live in Cincinnati and I'm not a great photographer). Matt also does all of our live content like press conferences and the Other Guys Show we did at the tailgate back in October. Alex hasn't done anything recently since he and his wife just had a baby. It's a team though. Everybody does something.

What are your thoughts on Jacob Evans so far this season?

He's been pretty impressive, right? Some will say his outside shot has regressed a tiny bit and he's not getting to the foul line as much. Those are both minor to me. One weird development has been an increased number of turnovers, and I don't know what to attribute that to. He's been running the offense a lot more this year with Caupain gone, so maybe that's it.

Overall, he's stepped it up this season, especially on the defensive end. We talked about it on the podcast, but he's a candidate to leave early for the NBA. If he can lead the Bearcats on a little March run, I think that possibility could become a foregone conclusion.

With Fickell's recruits most likely not making an impact on the field this upcoming year, how high can the expectations really be for the 2018 season?

Actually, I think Fickell's recruits start making an impact this year. I have a feeling people will be surprised at the number of difference makers that are freshmen and sophomores. That being said, youth movements are often accompanied by losses. While it's possible, I wouldn't expect an 8-4 record. I think--in a worst-case scenario--it's last year all over again, just with younger players. Willing to bet they improve by a game or two though. It's too early to call it.

In short: Hold your breath for one more season.

Do you think we'll do a whiteout this upcoming football season or do you think that's over for now?

I don't know for sure, but I think it's dead.

I know people have strong opinions on this, but I was pretty indifferent. I liked it, but not as much as a blackout. I won't really miss having it, assuming they're quitting.

Is Nick Colosimo the most attractive media member in person?

My sincerest apologies to Nick, who is a strong contestant in this category. However, no, Brian Fox is the most handsome blogger in the game. You should see that chiseled hunk of dad with your own two eyeballs.