Vote For OhVarsity! In CityBeat's 2018 Best of Cincinnati



Somehow, your friendly neighborhood Bearcats blog and podcast is officially nominated for an award. The good folks at CityBeat just released the nominees in their 2018 Best of Cincinnati reader's choice poll, and--against all odds--we're in the Best Sports Coverage section among the likes of The Enquirer and a bunch of television stations.

This is my Pulitzer.

Screenshot (46).png

Here's how you can help OhVarsity! win an award that isn't 'Whiniest Bearcat Fan' or 'Biggest Moron Online.'

  1. Go to this page.
  2. Fill out the form to the left and click the red "VOTE" button.
  3. Find the "Sports" category to the left. Scroll down until you see "Sports Coverage" at the very bottom.
  4. Pick OhVarsity!
  5. Fill out 19 other categories. This is important. CityBeat doesn't want you picking one thing and leaving. Take a minute to vote for your other local favorites if you want your ballot to count. Once you've completed a section, click "Submit and Continue" at the bottom before moving to the next section. Otherwise, simply vote for 20+ categories in the "Sports" section and click "Finalize My Ballot" to submit your votes.