Taco Tuesday Without Tacko Fall

Tacos at Frida 602. [Emily Witt]

Tacos at Frida 602. [Emily Witt]

[Editor's note: Longtime friend of OV Emily Witt is now part of OV. Here's her writing debut.]

Remember the one time Matt didn’t shoot one of the basketball games?

That’s because it was me! I’m Emily, 2017 UC grad and avid Bearcat fan. During my time at UC, I was one of the faces behind @uofcincy, which is how I got to know Spencer. I come to OV with experience in digital, social, blogging and photography; but mainly because I asked Spencer if I could help.

It worked.

Today, I am #honored and #blessed to be bringing you my first *official* piece for OhVarsity!, talking about one of my favorite things: tacos. Specifically, Tacko Fall.

UCF’s tallest Golden Knight is out tonight due to a previous season-ending shoulder injury. In honor of the 7-foot-6 center, I’m going to deflect and discuss tacos instead.

First things first: I love Mexican food. Enchiladas, fajitas, burritos - if you’ve got rice, some chicken and a good salsa, you have my attention. But no Mexican food can quite stand up to the beauty of the taco.

It’s simple yet versatile, easy to make yet hard to perfect. It’s one of the few foods where you can be both hungry and full and still keep eating. It’s an app, a side dish, the main course - sometimes it’s even dedicated to a full bar at a wedding. (Just an idea, Spence.)

Anyhow… Here are my top taco spots in Cincinnati:

Nada. I don't believe Nada gets the full respect it deserves. While it isn’t technically local, it has the best shrimp taco I’ve ever had (Shrimp Verde: arugula, radish, queso fresco, green goddess dressing). Plus they’re on OpenTable, so, points.

Cactus Pear. One of my favorite spots both during and after college. Here, #MargMonday is alive and well.

Gomez. Stray away from the turtle just once and I promise you won’t regret it. My personal favorites are the classic chicken and the fajitas. (I promise you can still indulge in a turtle.)

Frida 602. I dragged my dad and sister to Frida's to celebrate getting my first big-girl job. Although we were slightly skeptical, we ordered the brussel sprouts taco, took a bite and then immediately ordered another brussel sprouts taco. (Pictured above, these tacos include sauteed brussel sprouts and smoked peanut salsa.)

Bakersfield. You guys know the deal. A bit overrated? Possibly. Will still fully enjoy.

Taqueria Cruz. One of my favorite “secret” taco places. I was introduced to this by Andrew and his friends, and I had no idea why they *raved* about it until I went there myself. Authentic Mexican for a fraction of the price of the higher-end spots, it’s well worth a visit across the river.

Honorable Mentions

Mazunte. Full transparency: I have not been to Mazunte. So while I’ve heard great things, I have no review myself. Carry on.

Los Potrillos. I am strictly a Cactus Pear kinda girl, but my sister is the polar opposite - she loves Los Potrillos. It makes the list because of her.

Let’s debate, shall we? Honor Tacko Fall and give me your top taco spots.

Emily Witt

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