A Definitive List: The Gary Clarks of Everything


Prince, the Gary Clark of Music (from April-August 2016)

Cincinnati Bearcats forward Gary Clark is great. In fact, Gary Clark is so great that his name itself has because synonymous with greatness. I started declaring people the “Gary Clark of…” back in February, and now that the list is long enough, we need a definitive one-stop shop. This page is now the Gary Clark of Gary Clark Lists. I’ll try to keep it updated as people are added and dropped from Gary Clark greatness.

The Gary Clark of…

…Major League Baseball is Andrew Miller, after he supplanted Madison Bumgarner.

…the NBA is Tristan Thompson.

…college football is Tyrone Swoopes.

…soccer is Sean Okoli.

…swimming is Jackie Keire.

…golf is Jim Herman.

…music is Frank Ocean, after he supplanted Prince.

…movies is Mad Max.

…spelling is Nihar Janga.

…Pokemon Go is Charleston Mailman.