Coneys & Ways #1 - Mason, OH (Western Row)


Coneys & Ways is a series by OhVarsity! that seeks to visit, rate, and rank every Skyline Chili location in America. This wouldn't be possible without the sponsorship of MADEin.

Welcome to the first edition of Coneys & Ways. Today is the beginning of a journey. I hope you're ready. I visited one of three Skyline locations in Mason. This one's on Western Row. Here is my review:


Not the best Skyline I've ever had, but it was above average which is all you can ask for. This is going to be the most difficult to get a perfect score in. You'll really have to wow me here. 

Jan-31-2018 13-50-04.gif


The service at this Skyline is stellar. I've probably been here 15 times and every time I've had nothing but outstanding experiences. They will refill my water without me having to ask, and are very personable. 

SPEED: 5/5

I didn't time how quickly they brought the food out, but it was definitely 3 minutes or less. They are among the quickest I have ever been too. In the future  I'll be timing how long these take and making a chart on how long it takes me to get my food. 


Nothing really too crazy here. Everything seemed to be clean.


DECOR: 3/5

Maybe the only place this location is lacking, if anything. It's not bad, but there isn't much that stands out. Pretty standard. 

BONUS: 0/0

Nothing special. This Skyline isn't anything above and beyond on the inside or out, and there's nothing wrong with that. Still one of my favorite locations I've been to. 

TOTAL: 41/50

This is a great Skyline location, and I'd strongly recommend if you're in the area. The interior and exterior could use a little flair but that is just me nitpicking. 

In future blogs, this is where the overall rankings link will be. As of right now, this is the only one I have officially reviewed, and therefore it is currently in first place. We'll see how long it stays there.