Coneys & Ways #2 - West Chester, OH (Tylersville)


Coneys & Ways is a series by OhVarsity! that seeks to visit, rate, and rank every Skyline Chili location in America. This wouldn't be possible without the sponsorship of MADEin.

Alright. Day 2. Location 2. I really enjoyed this Skyline location. Not far from where I work and right off of I-75 in Mason. Let's just jump into it. 

Feb-01-2018 14-56-54.gif


I really enjoyed this food. The coney bun wasn't soggy, the spaghetti wasn't over-saturated with chili, and they had a good mound of cheese on each of them. I want to make sure that everyone knows that 20/25 is a very good score for food. I have to leave some room for the food that really wows me. Moving on. 


Impeccable customer service. I was there during a busy lunch hour and they continued to treat me as if I was the only customer. Asked if I needed refills, more crackers, and were very kind. 

SPEED: 5/5

One of the fastest Skylines I've been to. Had my food out to me in 45 seconds. Didn't even have time to start on my crackers. 


Almost decided to eat my 3-way directly off the counter.

DECOR: 4/5


Giving them a 4 here because of their neon sign. Absolutely love this thing. Would get one for my house if they would sell it to me. Nothing else on the walls or decorations to bump it to a 5, but still great. 

TOTAL: 44/50

This is about as good as it gets. I am expecting a lot of the Cincinnati-area stores to receive high marks, considering they were likely trained by people who have known Skyline for years. So if you see me giving all of these high scores, yes, I enjoy them all, but I think it is directly related to their location. We will see if that holds true over time. Either way, this was a great Skyline location and I would recommend it to anybody traveling through the area .