Aaaaaaand we’re back. Welcome to 2018 and welcome to OhVarsity.com V2. Allow us to explain what’s going on.




Why the new site? It was time. OhVarsity.com was launched in September 2016 as a blog designed to be the editorial arm of OhVarsity!, which was just a Twitter account at the time. In the last 15 or so months, we’ve grown beyond that. The previous site on Medium.com was awesome, and was great for sharing written content. However, it was just a blog, not a website. We needed something bigger and better in order to keep growing, and V2 will allow us to do that.



The site you’re currently looking at will not only serve as a home to all OhVarsity! written content, but will also be a hub for The OhVarsity! Podcast, game photos from our own Matt Allaire, an archive of historical content (coming soon), merchandise, and future ventures. Simply put, this is the mothership we’ve never had.


We want this to be a resource of entertainment and information for Bearcat fans.



It’s still the same gang. No plans to expand just yet.



For some reason I decided to put this entire thing together during December 2017, a month that wound up being arguably the busiest of my life. As a result, I know it isn’t perfect. I’m happy with where we’re at (or I wouldn’t be releasing it) but I’ll need some help and some time to work out the kinks. OhVarsity.com V2 will be a slowly-evolving project that gets better and better.

Old blog posts are (mostly) migrated to this new site, but there are going to be some formatting issues for a while. New stuff will look great, but older posts will take some time. If you spot an error or have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to let us know via email (OhVarsity@gmail) or Twitter, where our DMs are always open.

As always, thank you all for the support and attention. We do this because we love it, but it's certainly more fun to have an audience. You're a great one. We're excited for 2018.


Spencer, Alex, and Matt