Sean Kilpatrick Unloads 38 Points and 14 Rebounds in Double-Overtime Victory


(Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

Former Bearcat Sean Kilpatrick exploded last night, scoring 38 points and notching 14 rebounds while carrying his last-place team to an impressive double-overtime victory over the third-place Los Angeles Clippers. The 38 points were a career-high, besting his previous high of 26 points set in Indiana in April. The 14 rebounds are also a career best, topping his 10-board effort earlier this month.

Most importantly, he was the driver of the Brooklyn offense in a huge win. He single-handedly carried his team in overtime.

As far as I can tell, it’s the most points scored by a Bearcat in an single game since Nick Van Exel recorded 44 for the Nuggets in a game 15 years ago this month. Kilpatrick just shot past career highs from Kenyon Martin, Jason Maxiell, and Lance Stephenson in one fell swoop.


It’s times like these that remind me that this kid was undrafted. Yes, I know, he scored all these points on 34 shots, including 12 three-pointers. But some huge buckets in the win, and he’s still just a young shooting guard. It’s kinda what he’s supposed to do. Not many players from the 2014 draft class have been able to score 38 in a game. In fact, only one other player has: 1st overall pick Andrew Wiggins.

2014 Draft Class, Most Points in a Single Game:

  1. Andrew Wiggins (#1 pick) — 47 points
  2. Sean Kilpatrick (undrafted) — 38 points
  3. Zach LaVine (#13 pick) — 37 points
  4. Jabari Parker (#2 pick) — 36 points

For the NBA, it was just the second 38 and 14 game this season, following Anthony Davis. For the Nets, it was the first time a player had 38 and 14 since April 2007, when Vince Carter did it. For SK, it was the first time he cracked 30 points in any game since his 34-point tirade on Senior Day in Cincinnati against Memphis. (Side note: In that game, Kilpatrick, Justin Jackson, and Titus Rubles combined for 71 points on 59% shooting in 103 total minutes. Zero turnovers. Wow.)


Sean Kilpatrick has been playing well all season, but he’s hitting his stride now. Last night’s game added another brick to his current four-game hot streak in which he’s averaging 24.8 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 3.8 assists.

I say it every time he has a good game, but I couldn’t be happier for this kid. He’s earned every bit of it.

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