OhVarsity! Bracket Party 2017


It’s that time of year again. March Madness is upon us. That means basketball. That means brackets. Most importantly, that means the return of the 2nd Annual OhVarsity! Bracket Party.

In last year’s inaugural party, we had 133 completed brackets competing for the top spot. I finished tied for 58th, which is still in the top half. (People forget that.) This year, my goal is 250 entries. It’s ambitious, but I think we can do it. The more the merrier. I’m biased, but it’s a good time. You’re going to fill out a bracket anyway. Might as well do it with us.

Jump into the action below. The group password is “quadsquad”.


Last year’s champions, all of whom scored in the 90th percentile or higher nationally.


WHO: Any and all followers, fans, and readers of OhVarsity. If you’re on Twitter, please name your bracket entry the same as your twitter handle. For example, mine is “@OhVarsity”. This makes it easy for everyone to tell who is who. We want to be able to congratulate or make fun of you online.

WHAT: One bracket per person, no cost. We’re playing for pride, people. Degenerate gamblers welcome, but not supported.

WHEN: You can get in the door now, but you obviously can’t fill out a bracket until after the field is announced on Selection Sunday (3/12).

WHERE: My site of choice is ESPN.com because they seem to be the most popular and they have the best app. The link to the group is right here again if you missed it.

WHY: Because it’s a great time, and the champion earns the right to be called the Gary Clark of brackets.

Happy picking!